Mariner: Marine GPS Dashboard and Route Calculator

Tailored specifically for air and marine transport. Displays an approximation of your speed, direction of heading, and live information on ambient wind speed and direction.
The Journey Is The Reward
Discover the world from above as you navigate with integrated satellite maps and keep records of your most memorable journeys.

The Handiest Navigator

Bringing out the best of your smarphone for better sailing.
Seamless Unit Switching
Easily convert your current, average and top speeds between nautical miles, miles and kilometers in dashboard view.
Google Maps Integration
Includes the most advanced and versatile map on your phone. Explore the world from above with all the great features of Google Maps.
Journey Tracking and History
Record your previous journeys on a map and track the performance of your vessel.
Navigate From Your Wrist
Get a quick view of your speed and current position from the Wear OS smart watch app.
Live Wind Information
Get live wind speed and direction for your location in dashboard view.
Learn More
Visit Watch & Navy to see all of Mariner's features in action.
Live Map and Course Planner
Mariner's live map and course planner enables you to calculate how long your journeys will take at any specified speed and set a course on the map to guide you on your way.
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Mariner – A Mobile GPS Dashboard for Air and Marine Transport

Introducing Mariner GPS Dashboard for Android. Keep track your performance and progress live on the dashboard and record your most memorable journeys. On small, simple sailing boats without any onboard computers, your smartphone can now become your dashboard, and your watch a convenient speedometer and direction indicator. Mariner was designed to enhance our sailing adventures […]
Navigate With Style
Extend your dashboard to your wrist. Get a glimpse of your speed, performance and position with the wearable app for your Wear OS™ smart watch.
Ready To Depart?
Using a GPS dashboard consumes battery power very quickly. Please ensure your device is plugged in before prolonged use.