Wayfarer: City & Marine Geomagnetic Compass

Put your surroundings into perspective with Wayfarer; utilising your phone's GPS, geomagnetic sensors and detailed 3D maps.

The compass reimagined

A convenient utility app inspired by a combination of modern and classic maritime designs; and powered by your device's GPS and orientation sensors. Wayfarer assists you in heading in the right direction by putting your surroundings in perspective.

Stay on course

With Wayfarer at hand you'll always be able to find your way.
The Compass Reimagined
Combines your phone's Gyroscopic and GPS data into a new modern navigation experience with an intuitive, reactive user interface.
Gyroscopic Map Controls
The map and cursor move in relation to your compass heading for your optimal situational awareness.
Easy Calibration
Calibrate with visual feedback until your heading is perfectly aligned with your surroundings.
Location Sharing
Show your current addresss and GPS coordinates. Share with other people or to your notes in decimal and DMS notation.
Automatic Night Mode
Night mode is activated automatically, for comfortable viewing while navigating at night.
Smartwatch App
Conveniently view your heading from your wrist from the Wear OS smart watch app.
Learn More
Visit Watch & Navy to see all of Wayfarer's features in action.

Wearable compass

Navigate from your wrist with the wearable compass app for your Wear OS™ smart watch.

Wayfarer is compatible with many of the latest smart watch models. Your watch must have an accelerometer and geomagnetic field sensor on board in order to function as a compass.

For the modern explorer

Download Wayfarer for Android and Wear OS on Google Play.